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Executive Office Assistant/Planning Center Coordinator

Executive Office Assistant/Planning Center Coordinator

A keen eye for detail, the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and superb organizational skills are undoubtedly ways to describe you.

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We Value Integrity

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We Value Excellence

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We Value A Graceful Community

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We Value Teamwork

Working together towards one common goal.

With that in mind take a look at the job description below and if is sounds like a good fit consider appliying

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Executive Office Assistant/Planning Center Coordinator Job Description

You know your way around a database as well as you know your way around your home. You welcome the challenge to make processes smoother and more efficient. A keen eye for detail, the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and superb organizational skills are undoubtedly ways to describe you. You’re familiar with Planning Center Online software and love how it can take operations from good to great.

You have an innate ability to make volunteers and team members feel heard, reassured, and empowered to serve and work in ways that make a difference. You understand the need for both empathy and efficiency in an innovative and dynamic environment.

As a part of our team, you'll wear many hats and have the opportunity to grow and shape how the organization reaches the community and introduces people to Jesus. 

What You'll Do In this Role:

  • Assist Executive Office and Leadership with church management operations as it relates to Planning Center
  • Draft standard operating procedures and policies
  • Customize and oversee workflow development and automation within Planning Center software specific to LTWC
  • Maintain the integrity of the church management database to minimize clerical and data errors
  • Coordinate/Facilitate training sessions for ministry leaders, staff, and volunteers on Planning Center processes and procedures
  • Assist with event planning for church ministries/teams and community events
  • Provide clerical assistance with document creation, templates, reporting, and storage
  • Continued education of Planning Center software to help provide efficient and effective ways of doing ministry
  • Maintain and update the Teachable platform for new members' class
  • Other duties as assigned

This Describes You 

  • You're creative and strategic, with a special place in your heart for building the Kingdom of God
  • You have a clear understanding of Biblical principles and scripture and can incorporate that into your work as needed
  • You strive to deliver ahead of deadlines
  • You're comfortable working virtually and in-person
  • You’re an effective, clear communicator in all formats
  • You have sound judgment and the ability to maintain confidentiality
  • You have varied office role tech experience, including database maintenance, web applications, and software installation/configuration
  • You understand the value of teamwork and embody the values of partnership
  • You understand the joys and challenges of working with volunteers in a sensitive and empathetic manner 
  • You love simplifying systems, processes, and communication flow wherever possible
  • You love teaching and have the patience to help newbies understand new things
  • You're a born GO GETTER — always looking for ways to add value, do better work, improve efficiencies, build others up, and make the Kingdom known to all
  • You care deeply about your work, colleagues, and the well-being of the church
  • You care deeply about yourself and know how to manage your own stressors and prevent burnout 
  • You care deeply about your relationship with God and understand working at the church is not a substitute for being discipled 
  • You're not attached to your ego — you're focused on finding, developing, and executing the best ideas to get the best results

Necessary Skills:

  • Working knowledge of church operations and Planning Center software
  • Dependability/accessibility
  • Excellent administrative skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Customer Service focus
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet applications, Office 365
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills

This Position is Not for You If:

  • You don't commit wholeheartedly to anything
  • You don't like people, processes, or technology
  • You think there aren't new ways to share Jesus with the world
  • You have no sense of humor
  • You aren't willing to live and work in the St. Louis, MO area
  • You aren't available on Sundays 

Benefits and Perks:

This is a full-time employee position working with our office staff and volunteer leaders. Full-time LTWC employees are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Paid medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • PTO & sick days
  • Paid holidays
  • Stocked breakroom 
  • Humorous and supportive team

If you are interested in learning more about the position, please send a cover letter and your resume to

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