Kingdom Kidz

Kingdom Kidz

A place where our children’s ministry comes alive and kids (1-13) grow closer to God.

Kingdom Kidz

Kingdom Kidz

We are Disciples in Training: Children ages 7 months to 12 years
Kingdom Kidz

About Kingdom Kidz Epicenter (KKZe)

Sundays at 9:15 am and 11:15 am

Check-in begins at 9:00 and 11:00 am

KKZe is your one-stop for families who want their children to develop spiritual growth and habits and get closer to God.

We partner with you to foster confident disciples in training who get to understand salvation and all God has created them to be.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Kingdom Kidz Epicenter at a Glance

The Kingdom Kidz Epicenter is where all the excitement happens!

Learning About Jesus

We create opportunities for kids to get to know Jesus better.

Discovering The Bible

We help kids discover the Bible is God’s word to us and can be trusted.

Creating Safe Spaces

We aim to cultivate an environment where every child feels at home.

Sparking Fresh Ideas

We teach bible-based skills for making wise and prayerful decisions.

Inspiring Makers & Doers

We help kids uncover and begin to excel in their unique God-given gifts.

Partnering With You

You’re not alone! We are here to engage, care for and support you on this journey.

Keeping Sundays Fun

Here’s what to expect when you bring your child to Kingdom Kidz.


First time? Hooray!

Sign up your child in Our Welcome Center. You’ll receive a unique code so only you or a designated loved one can pick them up.


Kids Have Fun!

Kingdom Kidz enjoy age-appropriate and exciting “learning pathways.”

Every child can read, rest, create, sing, dance, and play while learning about Jesus, the Bible, and their purpose.


Pick Up

Kids end their experience in the Flex Zone, where each child chooses the activity that interests them most.

You’ll pick them up using the unique code you received at check-in.

KKZ Deep Dive and FAQs

  • Who We Are

    Kingdom Kids Epicenter (KKE) is a branch of LTWC—a multifaceted transformational learning community that works in collaboration with members, parents, guardians, communities, student participants to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, restore, and sustain hope that transforms lives, homes, schools, communities, and nations through robust and strategic learning opportunities and experiences, and real-world applications aligning to biblical principles.

  • Who We Serve

    KKE is designed to serve participants 7 months through 12 years old.

    Students participants:

    • viewed as ‘Disciples In Training’ (DIT)
    • are divided into three (3) distinct learning groups reflective of age and development
    1. Kingdom Kids- Builders (KKB) (ages 7 months-3 years)
    2. Kingdom Kids- Restarters (KKR) (ages 4-7)
    3. Kingdom Kids- Leaders in Training (KKLIT) (ages 8-12)
  • Why We Exist

    Kingdom Kidz embodies Living The Word Church’s core mission:

    • Provides parental support for All parents and guardians
    • Reflects home, school, and community connections
    • Fosters Christian principles and skills through varied activities and a robust curriculum
    • Engages student participants in evidence and research-based learning opportunities and experiences
    • Empowers inclusivity of all learners and participants
    • Promotes a conducive learning environment
    • Embodies LWTCH Core Mission, Vision, and core values
  • Epicenter Hours of Operation

    Our doors will be opened to student participants every Sunday and during our services as follows:

    • 1st Service- 8:50-10:45 am
    • 2nd Service- 11:00 am–12:45 pm

    ** Center will be opened earlier ONLY for participating members and volunteers

  • Kingdom Kidz Epicenter Pathways

    Our student participants will learn about the word of God and exemplify the traits of victorious discipleship in and outside of LTWC with the aid of our robust instructional practices, procedures, and policies and as they explore and learn through our unique and diverse learning pathways.

  • Kingdom Kidz Builders: Ages 7 months through 3 years old

    Kingdom Kidz Builders meet in the Exploration Zone, room 112, and are led by equipped and trusted teachers. Here, students in this learning pathway will engage in learning through play.

    Students will rotate within their learning pathway in four quadrants:

    • Rest
    • Read Aloud/Audio/Visual
    • Makerspace
    • Tumble
  • Kingdom Kidz Restarters (4–7) and Leaders in Training (8–12)

    Here’s what our four- through twelve-year-olds experience.


    This pathway engages students using varied learning strategies to unpack the content or lesson focus as follows:

    • Read Aloud
    • Audio Visuals and other technology enhances learning profiles
    • Question and Discussion Techniques
    • Reading
    • Writing

    The Show Biz Room is a learning pathway where students become innovative and make connections to the lesson being taught through art, music, poetry, role play, technology-enhanced learning, etc.

    Here, students have the flexibility to become creative, innovative, and forward thinkers. This pathway encourages students to transfer learning through varied performance (and is not limited to) as follows:

    • Art: Draw it out
    • Music: Sing it Out
    • Role Play: Act it Out
    • Writing: Write it Out

    A reflective space where participants will engage in various mindful activities to foster stillness, redirect positive energy, and learn how to cultivate a quiet space to communicate to God through individualized prayer/ devotion. Participants will engage in the following, but not limited to the various activities aligning to:

    • Mindful breathing
    • Yoga
    • Individualized prayer
    • Reflective journaling

    This pathway offers participants an opportunity to engage in activities based on preferences, skills, and individualization and/ or collaboration with others at the end of their rotation blocks. A SNACK HUB will also be available for participants during this time. Participants not wanting to participate in the Flex Zone can return to Kingdom KidsNook for quiet Reading. In the Flex Zone Participants will engage in the following activities, but not limited to:

    • Indoor basketball
    • Chess and other board games
    • Gaming
    • Miniature climb wall (future)
    • Coding
    • Online reading
    • Role Play, etc.
    • Putting Green
    • Ping-Pong
    • Pool
    • More!
  • Rocker Room (Nursing Parents Room)

    This space is designed for nursing parents and guardians. During this time, parents or guardians will have the flexibility to remain with your child and engage in live streaming of the day’s message. In addition, the space will be used as a changing station for children not enrolled in our Kingdom Kids Epicenter.

  • Kingdom Kidz Nook: Resources for Students and Parents

    This area serves as a resource and a library for our student participants and parents. Students will have the opportunity to interact within the space before, during, and after service or Kingdom Kids activities.

  • What are safety and security measures?

    Parents/Guardians are given labels with unique codes that correspond to their children and any diaper bags. Food handling gloves are used for any snack distribution. Center for Disease Control guidelines and state mandates are followed regarding the wearing of masks. Spaces are sanitized before and after each service.

  • What does my child need to bring?

    Our children are encouraged to bring a friend. Each child is given a notebook to keep their writings and coloring sheets. They can take them home to share with their families and continue learning and bring them back each Sunday.

  • What will my child learn on Sundays?

    They will learn sound Biblical principles through Bible stories and relatable everyday situations. They will learn how to use their Bibles and how to discuss what they have learned using their own words, both through sharing out loud and through drawing and writing down their thoughts.

  • Are there children’s events outside of Sunday mornings?

    Parents are encouraged to register in the Church Center App and to attend Quarterly Parent/Volunteer Meetings. All church events will be housed in the church center app and communicated in the quarterly meetings. There will be discipleship classes, camps, and other kid-friendly events.

Kingdom Kidz

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