Here’s our truth:

We don’t have all the answers at Living The Word Church.

Each of us is on a journey of learning, growing and seeking out what it means to live by faith according to the Word of God. We’re doing life the only way we know how – together, one day at a time. And we want you to be a part.

Super Sessions are designed to explain who and what our church is all about. We spend time together to further outline our heart, vision, method, and long term goals. Most importantly, you get to ask questions. Our goal is for you to be completely knowledgeable about where you and your family will be learning about and growing in the love of God.

Super Sessions happen a few times a year. Why not more often? Having Super Sessions a few times a year gives people the opportunity to really develop an idea of what they would like to know about the ministry, and think about their observations and experiences at the church.

This way you complete a Super Session with more information and have a more meaningful time in the session. Simply put — we want to be real with you.

In a Super Session you will learn new things, connect with new people, hear from church leaders and, if you choose, gain a new family.

Course Schedule

Super Session online course is now open! Register happens on the Church Center app

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